48px-2209134.png Progress
Editorial by Anr0328

Let me just say that I am so grateful to know someone like Toph Lover. She has helped me create a desired community, and even though she hasn't been here long, she has helped me so much with the Samples Wiki. Thank you Toph Lover!

This wiki has been coming in progress. I originally created this wiki for the purpose of me, just for testing things. However, now there are a few users such as my cousin, Jta1012, and Weas-El. This is good. A few users is all we ask of. We still hope to see more users in the future.  : )

48px-3287055.png A warm welcome!
by Toph Lover

Hello there all fellow Samples Wikians! I am here to welcome you all! I hope you are all very familliar with wikia! But if not feel free to contact Toph Lover (Myself) or Anr0328, (The great Creator!) as we are both known to be familliar here!

If you want to have a chat with any other user on the wiki, you can go to the IRC Room. (Internet Relay Chat) The room is called #SamplesWiki. The current authorities are Anr0328 and myself, Toph Lover.

As you may have noticed, on many pages there are redlinks. This is because our bureaucrat (Anr0328) is still working on adding the pages to here.

You may have also noticed that a few have different coloured signatures. You need to know basic wikia coding to create it but if you feel unfamilliar with that, please feel free to ask for help as we will be more than happy!

That is all I have to say for now, but remember to have fun! Also, as I mentioned before... if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  =D


48px-2209134.png Font Color
by Anr0328

Creating colored text isn't so hard. There are two basic ways: <font> and <span> tags.

Here is an example of the font tag:


<font color="green">Colored Text</font>

Result: Colored Text

An example of the span tag:


<span style="color:green">Colored Text</span>

Result: Colored Text

These codes can be very helpful, especially with signatures. Besides green and other basics, you will need special color names such as: DarkRed, HotPink, SteelBlue, and more. See this page for more color codes and lists of various shades.

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